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UA Board Meeting
1980 Discovery Loop
Eagle Cafe
TBA. The meeting starts at 5:30.
End of First 9 Weeks
October 23rd
SPAR Report
To meet ESEA legislation requirements, school reports must be made available to the public. The School Public Accountability Reports are now available via the link here!

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Welcome to University Academy

A Panama City Florida School

University Academy is pleased to report that we have submitted a Charter School application to establish University Academy Middle School beginning in 2015. We look forward to receiving feedback from the Bay District Schools.

University Academy (UA) is a free, public, Pre-K through 5th Grade charter academy in Panama City, Florida. The Academy emphasizes innovation in programming and instruction, building on the promise of charter schools to develop new educational opportunities. UA is committed to a research-based approach that includes instruction to meet the unique needs of each learner.

Using the structure of “Walk to Read” and “Walk to Math,” students are offered lessons that matches their current ability and instructional needs. This research-based practice individualizes learning for each student, taking them to the next level to reach their personal academic goals.

Students will also benefit from a challenging curriculum with real-world application of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. These subjects represent the letters that make the term STEAM, infusing the arts into an exciting STEM foundation. The units taught in the afternoon are based on the Next Generation Science Standards, developed by the National Academy of Sciences. These lessons develop deeper understanding of science concepts through active learning. The program is supported by University Academy’s extended school day, allowing more time to be dedicated to teaching science actively with hand-on activities and investigations.