Dress Code – Elementary

University Academy Dress Code

Appropriate dress is the primary responsibility of the student and his/her parent or guardian. The dress code must be followed from the time the student arrives at school until the end of the day. Exceptions can be made by administration for special events or field trips. Every student in attendance at University Academy is expected to wear the school uniform and comply with the following guidelines.

Approved school colors: maroon, white and gray

Shirts: The approved school colors for polo shirts are maroon, white, and gray (pewter). Students are required to wear a collared shirt every day, with the exception of Fridays, when an approved school spirit t-shirt will be allowed. A long sleeve or short sleeve t-shirt may be worn under the collared shirt, but must be one of the approved school colors. Polo shirts may be purchased at many stores including, but not limited to Wal-Mart, Sears, JC Penney, Dillard’s, or online at Land’s End. The approved school logo is an option and may be embroidered on the left side of the shirt.

Bottoms: The approved color for uniform bottoms is khaki. If bottoms have belt loops, a belt must be worn. No large pocket style pants or cargo shorts, no bell bottoms, no baggy pants, and no hip huggers or overalls of any kind are allowed. Shorts, skorts, and jumpers should be khaki or the approved school plaid. These must be no more than 5 inches above the kneecaps as measured standing up. Polo dresses are allowed and must be one of the three approved school colors. If a jumper is worn, there must be a collared shirt underneath. Jeans or jean shorts will be allowed ONLY on Fridays. Uniform bottoms can be purchased at many stores around town including, but not limited to, Wal-Mart, Sears, JC Penney, Target, Dillard’s, or online at Land’s End.

Shoes: All students must wear closed toed and closed backed shoes. Sandals are allowed with back or back straps. No flip-flops or slippers are allowed.

Outerwear: Sweaters, jackets, windbreakers, fleeces and sweatshirts are allowed and must be one of the approved colors (maroon or gray). Only sweaters or sweatshirts may be worn inside the classroom for warmth. Clothing worn inside must comply with approved school colors. Students may wear jackets and approved outerwear anytime while moving around outside of the school; these should be removed when indoors. These additional outerwear items (worn outside the school only) do not have to comply with approved school colors.

Socks/Hosiery: Socks or hosiery must be approved school colors (khaki, gray, maroon, white) or black or cream. Socks or hosiery of other colors may not be worn.

Other: No headwear is allowed except for headbands and bows for girls. Sleepwear and costumes are not permitted except on approved days as set forth by school administration. Students may not have any body piercing other than small stud earrings in their earlobes.

University Academy administration reserves the right to contact parents if the student’s attire is inappropriate or if a dress code violation occurs. No student shall be denied attendance at school or be otherwise penalized for failing to wear clothing that complies with the uniform policy if such failure is due to financial hardship. A parent must inform Administration or guidance of this financial hardship so that assistance may be obtained.